Inventory Tracking

Inventory Management

Inventory Tracking Software

Track your products easily.

Product, Income, Expense and Customer Tracking


What's In?

Product Management

You can define your products and track their stocks.

Warehouse Management

You can sort and track your products by warehouses.

Customer Management

You can follow your customers by adding customers.

Revenue Tracking

You can track your income with income items.

Expense Tracking

You can track your expenses with expense items.

Tag Management

You can define labels for your products.

Employee Management

You can define accounts for your employees.

Sales Management

You can define and view your sales.

Balance Management

You can track your Credit, Account, Credit Card payments.

Calendar Management

You can add events to important days for you.

Invoice Management

You can easily create and print your invoices.


You can integrate Cusdesk into your existing systems.

Mobile Apps

What is Cusdesk?

Cusdesk is a cloud-based software that allows you to track the stocks and warehouses of your products in the fastest and most understandable way.

  • You can access Cusdesk from anywhere.
  • You won't pay high cost prices.
  • You can focus on your work with a simple interface.

How does it work?

Cusdesk is a cloud-based web and mobile stock management software that does not require installation.

By defining your basic information, you can quickly create your membership and explore the magnificent administration panel

Make your products and tags ready for use by defining them.

Track your products quickly and easily in excel spreadsheet format that everyone is used to.

No Package, Single Price

  • 20$
  • Yearly
  • Unlimited Access
  • Adding Unlimited Items
  • Unlimited Customer Tracking
  • Use Mobile Apps
  • Discover


What is Stock Management?

Inventory tracking software is a software that is used to track the stocks of an enterprise such as products, services, raw materials, intermediate goods and the amount, location, status and change of stocks.

Inventory tracking management

Inventory tracking management is a method a business uses to track its inventory.

Product tracking Software

Product tracking software is software that a business uses to track the movement and status of its products.



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